Who Else Needs Foundation Repair in Dallas?

jswaltonfoundation1It’s no secret that the city we reside in is named the most natural-disaster prone city in the whole of United States. Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, you name it and we’ve experienced it. Not sure about much else, but these calamities guarantee one thing for sure, wrecked houses and homes with creaky and shaky foundations.

Cracked walls, uneven floors, concrete and slab splits? Nothing is worse than possible structural problems that lessen the value and beauty of your property and home, but you don’t have to live with doors that get stuck, windows that won’t open; moldy crawl space and uneven basement floors leaking water everywhere. 

If you think you need foundation inspection, residential or commercial drainage and foundation repair in Dallas, TX, then we, at JS Walton Foundation Repairs, are here to provide to you easy solutions to your structural problems once and for all.

If so, then you’ve came to the right spot…

Our top notch, experienced specialists at JS Walton guarantee correction and elimination of all your old age foundation settlement, vertical and horizontal foundation movement issues or and also provide reinforcement to withstand the wrath of the weather gods. Backed with a network of highly qualified repair personnel and top of the line equipment we are available to facilitate you in eradicating these stressful problems, ensuring safety of your home and investment while preserving property value. 

  • Depending on severity of the problem we offer the following solution options and services:
  • Mud and slab jacking to correct vertical foundation movements
  • Concrete piers and beams
  • Wall anchors
  • Structural and beam repairs
  • Steel underpinnings and pins

crackebrick2jswaltonWhether you need a domestic foundation repair consultation or a commercial repair discussion, contact us today for a hassle free, in-person meeting. Also, if you’re needing a Houston Foundation Repair specialist, we as professionals after doing a thorough inspection of your property, guarantee answers to all your queries, concerns and questions with a detailed analysis of your foundations based on our experience and expertise.