House Raising and Lifting

Tired of your low basement? Looking for a new residential property because your current home was flooded? Rather than moving out, you should move up!

Wonder what house raising actually means? Go through this quick guide to learn more about the steps associated with house raising and lifting.

House raising represents the process in which a residential structure is separated from its foundation. It is temporarily raised using either screw jacks or a hydraulic system. House raising may be one of the first steps in property relocation in which the structure is lifted and moved to another location.

The foundation repair methods can even be a part of a home renovation project. You can use the house raising process to build a new foundation under your existing residential structure, increase your living space by creating a new floor level. 

Why Houses are Raised and Lifted

Following are a few reasons why many homeowners in Dallas consider raising and lifting their residential properties:

Need a House Extension?

Raise your residential structure and get a new floor installed. Raising your home will give you a chance to increase your basement ceiling’s height. You can even get a new basement using this process. House raising and lifting can be one of the most economical ways to increase your home’s square footage. This option will further allow you to get more space without compromising on your backyard space. Getting your home raised will surely help you keep your beautiful backyard or outdoor space intact. 

Protection From Flood

People living in a flood zone have to take special measures to keep their properties protected from flood damage. House raising and lifting is one such beneficial process that can help you avoid future flooding. It can also help you deal with potential climates changes, such as sea level rise, storms, or increased flooding.

You can get your home raised to a few feet to have a higher crawl space and get a new, strong foundation built. You, like many homeowners, can use this huge crawl area to store your belongings. This will further allow you to keep your items protected from water damage. 

Make use of the house raising and lifting process to accommodate your growing family in your existing residential property. This will help you avoid the additional costs of searching and buying a larger home.