Warning Signs for Foundation Problems

Almost every residential structure in Dallas that is over a few years old will have some cracks in the foundation. After all, residential properties in Dallas have damaged, weakened, or simply cracked foundations. Excessive heat, dry tree roots, expansive clay soil, and inefficient lawn watering procedures are only a few causes of foundation problems. Whatever the underlying issue, if your home’s foundation is getting damaged, you should get the problem addressed at the earliest to avoid permanent damage to your structure.

Spot the Signs

Cracked walls, doors that don’t close properly, and bulging floors are all symptoms of possible foundation distress. These problems occur when only a certain part of the foundation settles or heaves, resulting in a cracked or damaged area. It is important to determine whether such cracks can lead to significant foundation issues as they can have a lasting impact on your home’s structural strength. 

Following are a few warning signs indicating that your foundation needs professional evaluation and help:

Sticking Doors and Windows

Windows and doors are great indicators of foundation issues. While installing your windows and doors, the contractor must have used different plumbing practices to ensure their efficient operations. Any defects or structural changes tend to have a direct impact on their operation. 

Windows that you cannot raise easily may be a warning sign that the foundation has moved significantly. Your windows and doors may not be square anymore. They may not even close properly. Make sure to check all the window and door frames for any minor or major cracks.

Popping Nails

Nails and screws that come out of sheetrock may also indicate serious issues with your home’s foundation. Cracks can even cause gypsum or wooden boards to separate. 

Cracked Walls

Basement walls are designed to support the entire weight of a residential structure. Leaning, sagging, or bowing basement walls usually indicate that your home has a foundation problem. You may want to check all the points where the ceiling and walls meet to ensure they don’t have any cracks. Chimney and fireplace are a few other areas that can indicate severe problems with your home’s foundation. 

A few other signs of possible foundation problems that you should never ignore are listed below:

  • Sticky windows or doors
  • Uneven floors
  • Crinkled wallpapers
  • Cracked walls or ceilings
  • Crown molding

Take the right steps to keep your family protected and prolong your home’s lifespan.